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本講義主要以介紹全球衛星定位系統(Global Positioning System , GPS)之原理、基礎操作與如何利用GPS與GIS應用於田野調查、教學為目標。 張智傑-中央研究院人社中心地理資訊科學研究專題中心

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3D-COFORM consortium has one over-riding aim: to establish 3D documentation as an affordable, practical and effective mechanism for long term documentation of tangible cultural heritage. In order to make this happen the consortium is highly conscious that both the state of the art in 3D digitisation and the practical aspects of deployment in the sector must be addressed. Hence 3D-COFORM proposes an ambitious program of technical research, coupled with practical exercises and research in the business of 3D to inform and accelerate the deployment of these technologies to good effect.

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